For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By carol On 2016.12.05 20:42
Hi I have never typed here before but have reading off and on for quite sometime. I really don't know how to deal with all of this. We started with this about 6 years ago. At first I was really concerned but the medicine started working so I felt that this was all duable. He started taking just the maripex. Gradually they increased it and then started adding the sinement. The sinement has helped but now he is taking it every 2 hours. This seems like an awful lot of medicine and he is only in his early 60. They just started him on a patch called neuopatch last week. The first few days he was what I called back to normal for him but that didn't last long. He can no longer concentrate on one task at a time. He is still working (although started part time last week). I really want him to go on social security disability but he is relunctant because he is afraid that he will get denied. He is eligibile to retire at the early rate but wants to try to stick it out to full retirement. It takes him sometimes almost 2 hours to get out the door in the morning when he goes to work. He has already been at work and his medicine has worn off and he kinda just sits there till the next batch kicks in. I don't like him driving to work which is an hour away. He keeps saying please don't take my driving away from me. He seems pretty good when his meds are on but it scares me when his meds are off. He also says he doesn't want to take advantage of the system of social security disability. It is now 8:40 and he is still at work because it takes him forever to do things. He said he is going to be there for at least another 2 hours. Every 8 hour day at work turns into to a 12 hour day.

By VioletV On 2016.12.05 20:50
Hello Carol,
Thanks for reaching out. You have a lot to deal with. I'm rushed, so will only say this: if he says that he doesn't want to "take advantage of the system of social security,
ask him how much he has put into that system. If he doesn't know, you can check online.

That is his money, paid in over a lifetime of work. If he had been paying for insurance and then a tree fell on your house, it would not be taking advantage to file a claim.
Parkinson's is the tree and the house is your life.
Let his investment in Social Security give him -and you- some peace of mind.

Good luck,

By SparkysGal On 2016.12.06 09:30
My husband also was reluctant to apply for Social Security Disability Benefits. He was laid off from his job (mostly due to his PD - but very hard to prove) We talked to an attorney, but considering the toll it would take on my husband's health to fight that battle, we (I) wrote a letter to his company explaining the situation and offered to agree to a better severance package to "let it go" which they immediately agreed to. When the severance expired I started pushing to apply for benefits. He drug his feet - it is more an ego thing than taking advantage of the system. I mentioned it to his Doctor who was shocked that he wasn't already receiving disability benefits. I insisted and we applied and were immediately declined. Hubby was all "I told you so!" and I was "We can and will appeal, they didn't mention the doctors report or my letter in the denial!" We appealed - all on our own - no attorney involved and he was approved and received 12 months retro-active payments as well.

NOTE: If we had waited another six months he wouldn't have received full benefits because too much time would have lapsed from his unemployment to applying.

Apply! Nothing to lose and much to gain financially. Hubby now receives the maximum amount which will roll automatically into regular Social Security Benefits when he hits the typical retirement age. This extra money has made a huge difference in our life.

Hubby insisted for about two years that we not tell anyone that he received Disability Benefits. He just says he retired early.

The up side to him not working is that his PD symptoms got better for a while. Removing the stress of the workplace helped him.

Good Luck and prayers!

By EachDay On 2016.12.06 22:08
It is a few years back now but my husband first went to his employer to request long-term disability that was one of his benefits. He had consulted his neurologist who encouraged him to apply as noted here continuing to work increases stress for the PWP He was no longer performing well at work and knew it. .After receiving the LTD and waiting the appropriate time period, he was then able to apply for SS disability and had not difficulty. He was then eligible for Medicare. With his health care coverage, I was able to retire a few years later when he could not longer drive. We both have worked 30+ years. All of this has made it possible to live these years and still have our nest egg for the future. All of this depends on employer and state where you live.

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