For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By mj13 On 2016.12.08 06:50
I have been reading this forum for almost a year now and finally decided to post. My husband has young onset Parkinson's. We have 3 children although I feel like I'm a single working mom of 4.

This is just the beginning of this nasty disease and I'm already at my wits end. What am I going to do when things worsen? I am the most caring, loving, understanding person I know, yet I feel terrible for the thoughts that run through my mind now. I can't imagine how I'll feel in 5 years or even 10 years.

My husband is still working. That's a good thing right? He makes good money. Another good thing right? However he also LOVES TO GAMBLE! I will not disclose the amount of money he has blown. We decided it was best to take him off the joint account and open his own account and I would give him a weekly allowance (because of his spending habits). Then he resorted to taking my debit card one night and my friend saw him do it. I immediately got it back and asked him what he was thinking and he simply "did not remember" doing it. Then he started taking checks from my checkbook. But not in order. No, he was taking random checks from all the books making me feel like he obviously knows what he is doing? Being sneaky. Again, when confronted, he simply "doesn't remember". So I snapped last night when 2 checks cleared the bank for $700. It's Christmas time, I have 3 children to buy for not to mention we moved this past year and we still do not have a kitchen table and chairs or furniture. I simply cannot understand how he is able to go to work everyday and remember that but he is unable to remember stealing money and playing poker machines. I want to SCREAM.

Thanks for reading my rant. I really do have a compassionate heart. But it's bleeding fast...

By mylove On 2016.12.08 08:38
I'm going to guess he's on a dopamine agonist like Requip or Mirapex, yes? Google (or search this board) for that drug + "addictive/obsessive behaviors". It's an extremely common side effect of those meds. Call your neuro posthaste and let them know so that they can get this stopped. It can only get worse left unchecked.

Remember too that it's the drugs, not the person you love. That helps.

By flowers12 On 2016.12.08 12:14
Mj this was a huge fear of mine when my hubby started taking Sinimet the doctor warned me that there was a chance that it could cause
"Impulse control disorders included pathological gambling and hypersexuality and increased libido" The doctor said to let her know immediately if I saw any of that. Hopefully there will be some kind of medication adjustment that will stop his gambling.

I am very lucky my hubby didn't display any of these behaviors. I understand your frustration, we all have some extreme behavior to deal with. Hugs to you.

By jcoff012 On 2016.12.08 14:07
MJ, my husband has taken Requip for eight years with no side effects...he was always obsessive/compulsive about his appearance and with neatness in all aspects of his life. We cannot blame the Requip! HOWEVER, his neuro ALWAYS asks me at each appointment if his compulsiveness has worsened...He says if it ever does, we will adjust the dosage...He told us the behaviors can be as simple as collecting odd things (like rocks, no kidding), to more serious problems like gambling, hyper-sexuality, lying, and stealing!

Please do all you can to protect yourself, your finances, and those children...whatever it takes!

Another thing you need to be told...ALWAYS tell his neuro what is happening in your husband's doctor says, "You must know one thing, from our first visit...I have heard it probably will not tell me something I have not already dealt, tell me...let me help. Never be afraid or embarrassed to discuss any changes or problems. I want to help." It took us four different doctors to find this one, but I am glad we did. My husband told a nurse yesterday that "I liked him from the first visit and I actually feel better than I have in years."

Yes, it is good he has a good job...start now to make sure you and the kids will be taken care of in the future through his job...that includes retirement finances, but to me, it means health care insurance...especially with kids!

Good luck and come back often! You are NOT alone here!

By mj13 On 2016.12.09 08:04
Thank you all for the information, kind words, and support. We saw his movement disorder specialist yesterday and they stopped the Pramipexole and Olanzapine and increased his Sinemet and Clonazepam. We discussed DBS but we aren't sure yet if he is going to go through with it. They are concerned because he has mild cognitive impairment. It scares me with him being so young to undergo that surgery anyway. Hopefully with these med changes and my checkbooks being under lock and key, this compulsive gambling will stop.

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