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By judy m On 2016.12.12 17:55
Ok, I'm posting in two forums as I don't know which one is the correct one for my question...OK, I have a question. My husband has BPH (enlarged prostate no cancer). He has been taking drugs which aren't great. He's had a TUNA, and now scheduled for a TURP. His doctor says they used to feel that they shouldn't do TURPs on PWP because of increased risk of urinary incontinence. But he said that since my husband doesn't have multi-system atrophy, it shouldn't be a problem (but of course it's still a risk). But recovery is 4-6 weeks as it is surgery, and my husband is doing well as he's exercising a lot. This would be a setback, I'm afraid. He's scheduled for the TURP next week but we just found out about something called UroLift and another called HoLEP. Does anyone have experience with any of these three procedures? We called Mayo CLinic and they won't do HoLEP on PWP and I'm waiting to hear back from Indiana University. Thanks.

By Daisy123 On 2016.12.13 11:30
Sorry I am not too familiar with any of these procedures but I would advise caution for PWPs where any surgery, however minor is concerned. Do you know how your husband reacts generally to anesthesia? It can quite often have serious consequences for patients. Has he any cognitive issues? and why is one procedure ruled out for PWP?

My husband was diagnosed with PCa and surgery was not even considered. Thankfully, a short course of radiotherapy seems to have done the job.

I'm sure others will row in with more knowledge than I have but I would urge you to weigh up the pro and cons before making your decision.

Wishing you well with whatever you decide and your husband a speedy recovery.

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