For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By flowers12 On 2016.12.14 13:06
Does anyone know of any games for people with Parkinsons and some dementia? I'm hoping to find a game for my hubby that could give him some brain activity instead of staring at the TV all day and falling asleep. We have a WII game but we haven't used it for a couple of years and I don't know what game might be easy enough. We used to play simple card games but he isn't interested in that anymore. I'm hoping to add something new to our dreary days and maybe get him communicatiing a little better.

By Lynnie2 On 2016.12.14 16:27
Our PSW(Personal Service Worker) who stays with my husband one day a week bought some 4 very large dice in two different colours (at the dollar store).
Each person takes turns and throws his 2 dice and whoever has the highest amount wins.
The last 2 times they played he won.

It's a simple game but gets him moving.

By jcoff012 On 2016.12.14 18:47
Do a Google for dementia patients at home...lots of resources.

Also, we have found the BEST, comprehensive website for all ages...

By mylove On 2016.12.15 08:30
I just checked that site out. Those are really cool! Maybe we will find something that's easier for us to play with the big family of adult kids that come to visit. Most of their games involve having to move/think too fast.

By jcoff012 On 2016.12.15 17:54
Try Pie Face! It is hilarious! Messy, but everyone loves it!

By Mary556 On 2016.12.16 00:58
My PWP's neuro doc recommended games that maintain eye-hand coordination. We played "catch" with a soft fabric ball the size of my Mom's hand. or tossed bean bags into a plastic bucket. It was fun to throw rolled-up hospital socks at her daughter-in-law (whose idea it was)... lots of laughs that day. At the nursing home PT often used balloons like a volleyball game.

Card games become more difficult if they involve math, but Matching games are good. maybe some kind of Bingo or "Concentration"?
My mother liked "Spot It" decks of cards, one for remembering words, one for matching colors and numbers. (We had to outline some of the light yellow images with a dark pen.)

We made a simple puzzle from a photo of her grandchild glued onto craft sticks and used plastic film to seal it.

"Word find" puzzle books were a good activity for my PWP. We were happy to receive talking books in the mail. Someone here gave a link that would be in the archives. Even as adults we greatly enjoyed the Little House books. We also subscribed to Nat'l Geographic Kids.

My mother loved her "memory book" made her by Speech Therapist. Each page had a photo and short description of family members. Having those reminders is reassuring and reduces anxiety for someone who is forgetful or confused. It can lead to some good conversations and stories.

two activity books recommended by the Speech Therapist:
399 Games, Puzzles & Trivia Challenges Specially Designed to Keep Your Brain Young. by Nancy Linde
Joggin' Your Noggin: Fun and Challenging Word Games for Seniors (Volume 1) Paperback by Mary Randolph

some other ideas may be here:

By flowers12 On 2016.12.16 10:25
Wow, thank you all for your suggestions. I just couldn't feel good about letting my hubby sit in front of the TV all day and have no brain activity. We do toss a ball back and forth most days for about 5 minutes and even that makes a difference in his alertness.

I love this site, it has helped me in so many ways. I'm going on the hunt this weekend for a few of these suggestions.

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