For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By Mary556 On 2016.12.20 22:01
in case anyone wants to try audio tapes from the Nat'l Library, here is a link from the original post...

By EachDay On 2014.10.03 21:09

The Library of Congress has a books on tape program and those with PD are eligible. Here is the website
You can also get magazines and newspapers in this format too.

They provide an audio device. The tapes can be mailed to your home in a container that you can mail back by turning over the mailing label. The postage is free. They have been digitizing the collection over the years so some you can just download to your machine.

By flowers12 On 2016.12.20 22:55
Mary, I have found out that our library, and most all libraries, have lending e-books and have many audio books as well that can be downloaded. I'm just looking through their catalog for a book my hubby would enjoy. He always was a reader but this past year has not been able to continue for one reason or another. I'm hoping an audio book will be something he will enjoy.

I will also look into the Nat'l Library. Thank you for the information.

By exhausted wife On 2016.12.21 08:38
In our state the department serving the visually impaired offers a device and audio books to all handicapped who refer audiobooks. The device and "books" are sent to the home. The "books" are returned by mail, free, and replaced monthly. The reader can select from tens of thousands of books.

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