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By SJWR On 2016.12.22 15:35
Is anyone on this forum from Miami, FL? We have gone to Dr. Carlos Singer since my husband was diagnosed with PD in 2011. The problem is that Dr. Singer's office is downtown Miami. That can be handled, sort of. The other problem is that we can never get him to call us back when we have a question...or he will call about a week later. Very frustrating. Also he's so booked we only see him personally ever 8 months. We see his Asst 4 months after we see Dr. Singer but neither of us are very confident in her. We would like to have a PD doctor closer and be able to see him monthly or at least bi-monthly. Any suggestions?

By LOHENGR1N On 2017.01.08 23:58
Hi SJWR, Welcome to the forum, sorry it took so long to answer your post. I thought maybe our of the many caregivers would have some answer for you. Many P.D. doctors are over booked. Many only see their patients every 6 months unless adjusting medicine or if the disease is progressing faster. I don't know if you will find one that would give once a month appointments unless as I said there were major problems or adjustments with medication. I see my neurologist every 3 months and if we are adjusting or introducing medication he sees me every 3 weeks until we know how the medication effects me. The call back from the doctor taking a week is worrisome to me but it seems common with many. Again my neurologist returns my calls within a half hour. But I've been going to him for 30 some years. I hope you can find a Neurologist that can work with you and see him a bit more. Please don't hesitate to voice concerns or ask questions it might take awhile but we'll get back to you

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