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By lurkingforacure On 2017.01.25 23:39
Yes, my husband somehow slid the toilet almost an inch from where it had been glued to the tile floor, it is now closer to the bathtub and you can see the adhesive where it used to be. How is this possible? And what in the world do I do to keep him from doing this again? I can't believe the water or sewer line didn't break, that's all I need on top of everything else.

My husband pulls tables and chairs over on their sides when he tries to use them to help get himself up from a sitting position. This isn't new: what is new is he apparently moved the toilet, which I didn't think could be moved. I don't know how to secure the toilet to the floor any more securely than the plumber did, and have never read of anyone having this issue.

Any suggestions would be really appreciated, I simply have no idea what can be done about this.

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