For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By mymotherskeeper On 2017.02.07 13:10
PWP is having an issue with taking pills. We crush what we can but there are 2 that cant be. She has been taking them with apple sauce, pudding, or yogurt since last year when she wasn't able to do it with water alone. At this point she wont swallow the pills, chews on them and is seeking water in addition to the sauce, pudding, or yogurt. I have tried explaining that the water is counter intuitive. She says she needs a full mouth to swallow it. If I am there I take the water from her and remind her that she can eat a steak, she can take a pill. Also to tuck her chin and swallow (a technique the ENT told us). And she does swallow the pill. But I'm not there all the time to do this and her spouse is at his wits end.

Can anyone recommend something to help with this issue? I have appointments with her doctors to discuss maybe a medication change. But I am looking to see if anyone else has experience with this issue and can suggest something.

Thank you.

By jcoff012 On 2017.02.07 19:05
I know that two of my blood pressure medications are not to be split OR chewed...I would assume the same with PD meds? My cardiologist said if I had trouble with them to let him know and we would figure a way to make sure I take them. My suggestion is to contact the neurologist. There is probably NO doctor who deals with PD who hasn't dealt with swallowing problems. Don't give up! Good luck!

By Mary556 On 2017.02.09 14:09
Peace be with you, keeper. I hope there will be some relief for your loved one. My Mom had difficulty with swallowing and we struggled with her pills as well.
Some meds can be compounded in liquid form. You might ask your PWP's pharmacist if that is a possibility for the particular meds she is taking? Then you could mix the liquid with her pudding / yogurt? My mother took Lipitor and we did not find sn answer as far as that. She was on a low dose and we ended up discontinuing when it got to be too much. Wish I had a better answer to give you.
Does your dear lady really eat steak? I was surprised to read that! Chewing and swallowng got slower and slower for my mother. Sometimes when she was settled in bed for her nap I would find food pocketed inside her cheeks from hours before. She just could not swallow.
God bless all PWPs and caregivers.

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