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By lurkingforacure On 2017.02.28 18:52
One bright spot is that we've taken delivery of the new lift chair I ordered for my husband. (Note: these are on sale at Costco right now for 20% off).

I put it together and plugged it in, and he promptly got in it, reclined it all the way, immediately fell asleep, and is now snoring like a bear. I'm so happy he can get into a comfortable position more easily, and out when he's ready to get up. I hope it brings him much comfort and rest.

By Daisy123 On 2017.03.01 09:36
That's great new, lurking. Maybe you can get some sleep now whilst he is having a snooze!

Dh got one late last year and he hates it. He want's his old armchair back but I can't let him have it as he sinks right into it and I cannot pull him out with injury to my back.

He is just gonna have to get used to it I'm afraid.

By flowers12 On 2017.03.01 10:44
So glad you got him a lift chair. It really helps. We got one over a year ago. I thought it would be wonderful, had all kinds of positions. Turns out it's too complicated and way too firm. My hubby will not sit in it. I'm trying to find a consignment place so I can sell it and get one like you got at Costco. Easy up and down button. My back and shoulder are getting very bad from lifting him out of his regular recliner.

By Lynnie2 On 2017.03.01 11:08
We tried out a lift chair and he still needed his quads in his legs to get up.
I don't know if it was the kind of chair, but if he needs one later I will have to see if another kind is better.

By Elaine7 On 2017.03.01 12:15
Glad to hear that your DH likes his new chair. We are on our 3rd one. The last one we bought from a medical store (thinking it would be better quality) & my DH went with me to pick out the exact one he wanted. The evening after they delivered it he had a panic attack because he couldn't operate it. He wanted his old chair put back where it was (we had kept the 2nd chair because it had started working again). I refused to do that. When my DH is in an "off", he doesn't have the strength to push the buttons on the control of any lift chair, but most of the time he really likes his new chair now. I am finding that as we get further into this disease, he can not handle change of any kind.

Our newest lift chair was bought in Aug. 2016, but yesterday we needed to have the repair man come out from the medical store, because the control would quit working. I unplugged it for a little bit & then it would work again, but it kept doing this. The repair man replaced the control (under warranty), but that was the same issue we kept having with the 2nd chair. Maybe an easy up and down button would be less to go wrong.

By Elaine7 On 2017.03.01 12:53
Lynnie2, I am wondering if you have had an Occupational/Physical Therapist show your husband how to get up from a sitting position? I never gave this a thought before, but the PT in the hospital showed my husband how to do this. I was so glad, because he would have never listened to me even if I would have known. Now I can say, "Remember what the OT/PT told you to do". Most evenings when he gets out of the lift chair to go to bed, I have to push the button to get the chair to raise up as high as it will go. Then I have to remind him to put his hands on the arms of the chair and put his "nose over toes" to push himself up. My DH uses a u-step walker to turn around. The natural response is to grab the handles on the walker to pull yourself up. They discourage this. And the other way works better. Then I need to use the wheelchair because he is in an "off" time. When he's "on" he doesn't need my help and can think of what he's supposed to do. I hope this helps if you are thinking of getting a lift chair in the future.

By lurkingforacure On 2017.03.01 14:50
That is interesting about pulling up with the arms-my husband does this too and it never works. He'll pull the side table/chair /walker/ even wheelchair over on its side trying to use it to pull himself up. I have to remind him to use his legs to push himself up and he is having a harder and harder time either understanding this or being able to do it, I don't know which. We have had several occasions in the past few days where I have not been able to get him up, and he has just wanted to stay where he is until he feels like trying again. I even tell him to straighten his legs but that hasn't worked either, and he is way too heavy for me to support.

I keep telling him that his legs are much stronger than his arms, but he still tries to pull himself up using his arms-it's like he forgets his legs are even there. So weird.

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