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By Trusting On 2017.03.08 23:47
Last week we were going to a doctor appointment and as my husband tried to get into the car he slipped and landed on the gravel driveway. My daughter-in-law came to help me get him up but we ended up having to call 911.
Right now we have a Toyota Camry but realize I'm going to have to begin looking for a new vehicle.
SUV's seem to sit a little too high, my car is too low. What vehicles do you have that work to transport your Parkinson's patients to their appointments or to take drives?
I don't want to spend money and still have problems as he gets weaker.
Thanks to all of you.

By mylove On 2017.03.09 08:19
We had similar issues with the height of vehicles. We solved it by finding one that has a preset seat adjustment button (the kind that remembers settings for multiple drivers). You can preset it to the easiest height to slip in and out, then push it again to get to the comfortable travel setting when you get in.

By Elaine7 On 2017.03.09 14:47
I am wondering if your DH was getting into the driver's or the passenger side? We have a mini van and I love it because we can take his u-step walker and his wheelchair along, but my DH does have a problem getting into the passenger side when he is stiff & rigid because there isn't enough head room. My DH is not supposed to be driving any longer. Our mini van does not have an adjustment up & down on the passenger side seat. That may help a lot. Like you said, "the SUV's seem to sit a little too high." I think you are right. My DH's small truck is also a little too high.

By makrivah On 2017.03.09 19:28
Maybe a simple (and inexpensive) solution is a small, collapsible step stool. Keep in the car. Many designs. Some VERY sturdy.

By LC On 2017.03.10 09:19
I have a Nissan Murano. It has leather seats. My husband is able to get his left leg into the car and sits on the edge of the seat. Then I slide him in. Getting out is easier. I grab his legs and turn him sideways and he just slides out to a standing position. The leather seats are the best.

By Lynnie2 On 2017.03.11 11:01
My husband is 6"3 and we have a 2015 Dodge Journey with leather seats which gives him plenty of room and the right height for him to get into and out of.
He also uses a Car Cane to get out.

By LC On 2017.03.16 14:30
What is a car cane?

By Lynnie2 On 2017.03.16 15:12
A Car Cane is steel oval tool about 8 inches across (with the middle open) with a straight part at the top which inserts into the steel hook on the car where the door closes into.
If you look it up you can buy it at the Canadian Tire Store or possibly other stores similar to it or Amazon shows the object..
You would hang onto the cane and lift yourself up.

By Mary556 On 2017.03.16 17:41
Maybe this is similar?
I've been thinking of getting one for my Dad.

This might be the oval one?

thanks, Lynnie

By Elaine7 On 2017.03.16 20:09
I got one like the Stander Handy Bar at Walgreens. It works great too.

By bksquared On 2017.03.20 18:52
We have a Jeep Cherokee Laredo Limited with a high ground clearance. It also has a leather passenger power seat. For husband's 6' frame it is just right. Moving the seat back makes the swivel easy for ingress and egress. Also having a roof rack gives him a grab bar to inch along and hold on to as the door opens, if needed.

By Lynnie2 On 2017.03.26 12:58
We have the oval car cane which is shown on your second link.

By Mary556 On 2017.03.27 21:43
Thanks, Elaine and Lynnie! Good to know.

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