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By aleccymru On 2017.03.24 09:58
My wife entered a Memory Care Facility last August, as a result of hallucinations, fearfulness, and running away at night. In September we began Nuplazid (2 x 17mg daily), which after insurance and help from the Parkinson's Assistance Foundation, only cost a $10 monthly co-pay.

In common with some other patient reports, there was a dramatic improvememnt in about 3 weeks, with the hallucations and paranoia almost completely disappearing. We went on cautiously monitoring until mid-October, when she was obvously able to come back home.

However, since then (about 5 months) there has been a very gradual but consistent return of the hallucinations, but so far without appreciable paranoia. As well as the Nuplazid (and of course levodopa) she currently takes 3 x 25mg Seroquil daily. Our Neurologist is reluctant to increase the Seroquil. With no particular suggestion from Acadia, she does currently take the 2 x 17mg Nuplazid in the evening - which is different timing from that at the Facility but...

Does anyone else have similar experiences or comments on this?

By Elaine7 On 2017.03.29 23:50
My DH/PWP is on Nuplazid and has been since July 2016. Except in Dec 2016 I was wondering if it was working because my DH was having a lot of day time hallucinations. So the Psychiatrist discontinued the Nuplazid for a month, but then the scary night time hallucinations came back, so the Psychiatrist put my DH back on the Nuplazid. At the present time the scary night time hallucinations are coming back and there are a lot more day time hallucinations also that he hates, but he continues to take the Nuplazid. Now he is covering the chest of drawers with blankets to prevent the hallucinations from coming out of the drawers, but when I was helping him into bed tonight, he said that the hallucinations had gotten past the blankets. So I don't know if it's the disease getting worse or the Nuplazid not working as well.

We pay $100.00 per month for the Nuplazid even though we have Rx insurance coverage, so it's hard to pay that much, but my DH can't take Seroquil.

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