For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By jcoff012 On 2017.04.10 16:44
This morning, I had my first visit with a counselor....stress management! My blood pressure goes down, then up, so my primary care made me an appointment! If anyone is interested, I will be happy to revisit to tell you her "take" on how to manage.

I go back on April 21 to start to learn to "let go" of things I cannot change and ways to cope. She says she has strategies that are specifically geared towards helping to handle the stress of being a caregiver!

I had to do life is not normal! She was correct about one thing...I cannot go on like this, but I cannot change a chronic illness, so I need to find ways to decompress!

By 839Ellen On 2017.04.11 12:36
I think quite a few of us would like to hear her strategies for coping with our stress.

By lurkingforacure On 2017.04.11 12:59
Yes, that could be so helpful, thanks!

By Trusting On 2017.04.11 18:47
I would love to hear the strategies. When I worked in a high stress job each desk kept a bottle of bubbles for us to blow when things became crazy. lol. I really don't know if it helped but it was fun.
I was counseled about 20 yrs ago b/c of stressing out and I learned how to not try to control other people but somehow PD is different. I let go of control but now b/c of dementia I've had to take it back and "I don't want to take it back". My life isn't even as bad as some of yours but I struggle too. We need all the help we can get don't we?

By jcoff012 On 2017.04.12 10:24
Sorry to not follow up, more Dr visits. The cardiologist is VERY pleased like am going! More after next week!

By flowers12 On 2017.04.12 11:33
Yes, I'm very interested in learning how to cope with the PD and the dementia moments. Thank you for sharing the knowledge you learn.

By moonswife On 2017.04.12 22:28
Looks like a lot of us are going to be waiting anxiously for any tips.

By hotlyn On 2017.04.13 03:52
Not to do with the stress of a caregiver.. Yet !! I suffer badly from stress and on antidepressants so just recently I took the plunge and saw a clinical hpynotherapist . And I've got to say it has been fantastic . We talked for an hour and pinpointed some main issues for me and then she made a disc for me to listen to at home . It's 20 mins long. It's also on my iPad and iPhone. . It can be a bit tricky finding the time I must admit when the house is very quiet. I turn all the phones off and tv . Usually do it in the arvo when he is asleep . But truely just that 20 mins of meditation every day has been been a big help. It's nothing deep .i had watched people get hypnotised on cruise ships and thought nope never doing that .😀 But like I said this is deep meditation and thankfully it's working for me

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