For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By Elaine7 On 2017.04.12 20:21
Just wondering if anyone is using a Hoyer/Patient lift? I believe that will be our next hurdle. My DH's mobility is going down each day and the Drs. just say that's the disease progressing.

By moonswife On 2017.04.12 22:30
I have one I had to use after one of his injury surgeries. So he would not think I was going to use it every day, I took it to my office. Let's hope it does not have to come out for a very long while.

By BFB On 2018.05.16 13:09
does he need the assist to transfer from the bed to a chair, or for getting up from the ground if he falls?

There are devices to get someone off the floor who cannot get up by themselves.
Non-risers can use a few different things.
we have a device called an A-Riser that I can use to get my husband off the floor if he falls where there is no other way to get him up again.

By 839Ellen On 2018.05.16 18:21
I tried to google A-Riser and couldn't find it. Could you give a little more information? Thanks.

By BFB On 2018.05.24 14:32 is just getting started, it is under construction.
The site is now up as of yesterday.

you can see a lot more on
There is information and pictures of the prototype.
Production models are being made now... I have an earlier prototype and used it in a real-life fall situation to get my husband from the floor.

sorry for the delay! hope you see this

By BFB On 2018.10.15 20:42
The A-Riser is usable by one person to get someone off the floor.

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