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By flowers12 On 2017.04.25 15:41
Has anyone used a tubular transfer sheet? I came across a website showing how to use one and it looks like it would work well in getting my hubby centered in the bed. I can't seem to find a place to purchase one though. As usual most of the items I've looked at that would help get my PWP legs up on and off the bed are not in the USA. It's really disappointing to know there are aids out there but not here.

By pinki53 On 2017.04.25 22:52
I've not heard of it.
We have the same problem. An OT showed me how to put my right arm behind his neck/shoulders and my left arm under his legs and swing him into the bed. LOL Easier said than done. The OT was a strong young man. I'm 63 - not a weakling but my back doesn't bend like that :)
So I pick up his legs and swing them onto the bed. Then I raise his head & shoulders and pull the upper part of his body sorta straight and onto jhis pillow.
Not perfect but the best I can do.

After a hospital stay he had home health for a bit. The nurse suggested a satin piece of fabric as a draw sheet which would slide more easily. I used it for a bit until he got stronger. Then he didn't want it on the bed.

By flowers12 On 2017.04.25 23:20
Yes, that is what I've been doing for the past 3 years. I've bought a leg lifter but it's useless and I just lift his legs with one arm and hold his shoulder with the other to swing him around into bed. I've researched and researched for a solution. Europe has an abundance of products to lift legs but none here in the US. I've even looked into buying and shipping one of the many from the UK a bed that is like a lift chair My favorite was the Rotoflex bed, a dream
Very expensive, about $10,000 - $15,000 plus shipping but what will the cost be for me to have a back problem where I can't help my honey at all? I haven't decided yet if I want to spend that much. There is one made here in the US but it just didn't look like it would hold up, cheap looking but only cost a few thousand dollars. I believe it was in Illinois and no way to look at it before buying and no dealers here to set it up or take care of any issues. It is a real problem.

By mylove On 2017.04.26 08:42
Like these:

I'd try one out, they're cheap enough. If it works, get a larger or more expensive model. I see they're available in a variety of sizes and price points.

By LC On 2017.04.27 18:27
I use waterproof pads on husband's bed. I have him sit on the pad on the edge of the bed. Part on the pad hangs over the edge of the bed. He holds onto the pad and I lift his legs and swing him into bed. It works best if he leans forward before I turn him.

By hotlyn On 2017.05.03 08:05
Thank you flowers for the info on the bed. Hopefully many years yet before we need to think about this but it's good to know what's out there. Although I'm guessing the cost to get it shipped to Australia would be exorbitant !!! Might be able to get someone here to look at eventually .

By flowers12 On 2017.05.03 11:06
This is the information I got last year on a bed in the U.S. that would work and was much less expensive. I was hesitant myself because they couldn't set it up or if necessary come in to repair it if needed. I'm now thinking I just have to get it because lifting my hubby in and out of bed is just killing me. They arranged a webinar for me and the bed does what I need. They suggested I could use a local mobility store to set it up and handle anything that may be needed in the future.

Hi Marilyn,
I apologize but we still don't have a dealer in the CA state. You can expect about 3500-4500 for the PR bed depending on your need for 35 or 42 inches wide frame. That would include the mattress and board ends.

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