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By pinki53 On 2017.05.07 23:08
Anyone have any experience with marijuana for helping PD in any way?
I've read what I can on-line which mostly says no real evidence of helping. But I thought I'd ask here.
We've had people mention this now and then but have always just brushed it aside.
Neither of us have ever used any illegal drugs. Never smoked marijuana or tried anything else.
DH's daughter and SIL are regular users I guess. They talk like it's no big deal. However, we just never saw any reason to try it.
Until this past Saturday afternoon. we were at a Derby party at a private organization. Lots of people we know but also lots we didn't. DH loves attention so these things are right up his alley :)
Anyway, one young lady was very attentive to him. He even tried karaoke (he used to sing years ago) and she was supportive and encouraging. Later she asked him (I was not right there) if he wanted to try a bit of edible marijuana. She told him I guess that it would relax him, yada yada yada. It was a tiny bit that she told him to chew and drink water and swallow the "juices" and continue chewing.
She told me she had given it to him with his permission about 15 minutes later. She kept talking about how she was seeing changes that quickly - how he could put his water bottle on the table without trembling ---- but he rarely has tremors - meds have them almost totally under control.
So I just watched him carefully. We left about an hour later. I didn't notice any difference in anything.
On the way home however, his speech was much clearer. Now that was unusual especially considering how it is usually much worse as he gets more tired.

So, if this can help his speech? I'm game to have him try. However, we are not in a state where medical marijuana is legal. I realize she or others can get it for him. I realize too it can be in liquid form and just a drop on the tongue is all that's used.

Any experience?

If this is a taboo subject, let me know and I'll delete.

By pinki53 On 2017.05.07 23:12
Let me add that I was shocked when she told me she had given it to him. I'm very na´ve when it come to drugs. I have never even thought that anyone there was doing anything other than drinking. It just doesn't cross my mind that people I know smoke pot!

By VioletV On 2017.05.08 07:58
I only have a minute -- if you want to try it, first look at CBD oil which is legal in every state, and research that before thinking about illegal MJ.


By mylove On 2017.05.08 08:42
Before the naysayers get here and beat me to it ;) I'm going to give you the perspective from someone in a state where it's legal (as it should be everywhere, but I digress).

Times have changed substantially into a more thoughtful approach to a product that has worked for many different conditions for a multitude of years. Yes - people have used it to have fun, like alcohol. But it's real value is in what it can help treat. And yes - you probably know quite a few folks who use cannabis, but in this day and age with the fall of smoking in general, they're probably more likely to use edibles. Do some thoughtful research - "reefer madness" and the whole "gateway drug" thing were marketing tactics designed to discourage use. I'm not advocating in any way for kids running around smoking pot (as I wouldn't be for them drinking), but for adult use, to help ease conditions like PD, I'm a real advocate of allowing people that choice to see if it's something that helps them.

Violet's right - what you want is a high CBD product vs a high THC product. Your method of delivery isn't as important, although edibles last the longest. This is great for after you find out that they work/your person isn't one of the population that can't tolerate it. I'd probably start with another delivery method, or a very small quantity (think 2-5 mg) until then.

Cannabis isn't illegal everywhere. If you're lucky enough to be in one of those states, find a store and go in and talk to a budtender. It's come a VERY long way from "shady stranger on the corner" and is now more like your neighborhood pharmacist, who can take your challenges and symptoms into consideration to make a recommendation.

For my husband, it doesn't do anything magical to reverse his symptoms, maybe because he has sort of atypical PD. But he is plagued by anxiety, inability to sleep, and terrible all over body pain, and for these three things it works wonders. He doesn't use it daily, but it's one of the more powerful tools in our arsenal. Think "do I take a couple of Vicodin, or a hard candy MJ product?" Personally we like the fact that we can avoid the opiates by using the edibles. They work for him, they help him stay asleep all night, and wake up without pain.

Most products they'll recommend to you have a balanced blend of CBD (the pain reliever) and THC (the relaxer). That's because sometimes people get anxiety from the CBD alone, and they work better in combination. Your mileage may vary. I wouldn't recommend a very high THC product, as that's the one which may cause psychoactive effects. But it's unlikely to do that in the quantity used in the combo products.

As to the concern about combining it with PD meds, my husband is on Sinemet, Sinemet CR, Requip (now discontinued) and Wellbutrin. It's not been an issue using it with those meds. People are going to caution you to go through your neuro - if you can, that's a great idea. Get a prescription for it. Go to a dispensary, talk to them about what you're trying to do, and then try it out. If it doesn't work, ok. But if what your observation says hold out, you may have found another tool to be able to deploy when you need it.

Lastly...the way she did that bothers me too, but what's done is done. I might have something to say to her if I ever saw her again. I do think she meant well but...poor choice.

By mylove On 2017.05.08 08:53
I also just reread your post which says you're in one of those states that's banned it even for medical use. That's unfortunate, and it adds another element to your decision. In an era where 80% of the national population now says it should be legal, that may change. Maybe just be patient.

By pinki53 On 2017.05.08 10:19
Thank you violet, I'm reading about CBD oil.
Thank you mylove for the personal experience sharing.
My PWP doesn't have a lot of pain. He doesn't sleep well and he is always fatigued and very weak. He has been hospitalized twice for severe low potassium and takes potassium daily. I know this affects his muscles.
I wear an armband "whatever it takes to beat Parkinson's" and I'm willing to do whatever it takes to improve his quality of life.

By bksquared On 2017.05.11 00:23
Just got PD husband certified for medical MJ. Our neurologist said it works for some and not others, but give it a try. Sounds like every PD drug. The State required that you go through a state-certified MJ doc. Seems like a money making scheme for the State - the doc pays for the certification, the doc gets paid, and the State gets a large fee $250 per year for your MJ card. Then you go to a dispensary for the product also expensive. Our neurologist felt that her PD patients find the CBD and TCH oil blend most effective. BTW - if you travel there is no reciprocity between States. So you are only legal in your certified State.

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