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By pinki53 On 2017.05.29 10:57
Have any of you done physical changes in your home and especially the flooring?
A few months ago, I had two of the doors in our home widened because DH was tearing the door frames off the walls with his electric power chair. (He still runs into them and has caused some damage but I just keep nailing the frames back.)
We have vinyl flooring in his man cave.
Carpet in the bedroom and living room. Ceramic tile in the kitchen.
Vinyl in one bathroom and small hallway and laminate in the big bathroom (how wonderful that our home has a huge bathroom that his walker and power chair will turn around in!).
He has a lot of urinary "accidents". Not always making it to the bathroom on time and unfortunately sometimes not getting off the carpeted areas first. He also uses a urinal sometimes at night and either spills it or turns it over onto the carpet.
I want to remove all carpet. But I', worried about him slipping and falling more. He has to be cautious in his man cave and remember to take his socks off because of slipping.

What flooring do you recommend?
What is best for preventing slipping? What is best for cushioning if he does fall (obviously not ceramic tile like the kitchen.?
What is best for me for CLEANING?

Any other adjustments you have made in the house?

By lurkingforacure On 2017.05.29 17:54
We pulled up all the carpet several years ago and replaced it with tile. There is laminate wood in the bedrooms. I haven't noticed either of these to be slippery, and actually, my husband keeps asking to pour oil or baby powder on it so it will be slippery and he can slide his feet instead of having to pick them up to walk. It got so bad I actually asked the neuro about it, whether it was a good idea (knowing he would say of course not!) so that my husband could hear the doctor tell us not to do that. He still asks me, though, but at least now I can remind him that the doctor told me I can't do that.

The kids were wanting some area rugs so I bought two several months ago. Big mistake. My husband promptly began having accidents ONLY when he was on the rugs, so frustrating.
It was like he would hold it long enough to get to the rug, then let it go! I ended up throwing the rugs away less than a month later, money wasted.

But to answer your questions (IMHO):

softest for falling: carpet

preventing slipping: this is mixed: carpet isn't slippery, but it could "catch" on shoes/socks if your loved on shuffles and cause a fall...tile is horribly slippery if wet (I always warn my husband not to come in a room if I have mopped it, so he won't slip/fall)

cleaning: hands down, tile, also easiest to maintain, I think (my husband's urine/feces has worn off the finish on the wood laminate in bedroom, and it's very dull now) you can use stronger cleaners on tile than you can use on wood or wood laminate

We put in ADA toilets (taller than normal)
ADA faucets (levers, easier to move)
ADA lever door handles instead of knobs
ADA light switches (these are "rocker" switches with wide parts instead of the tiny and skinny little switches we used to have)
ADA shower trim kit (levers-easier to use)
bedrail, bathrail, shower hose, shower chair
wheelchair, walker, bedside commode

I have also switched to plastic dishes and cups because we were breaking them at an alarming rate and I was cleaning glass shards up all the time.

This sounds like a lot but I was able to buy a most of these things from places like craigslist and ebay and save a ton of money. You'll have to be patient, though, and scour the sites daily to snap up deals because so many people are looking for the same things. Hope this helps.

By pinki53 On 2017.05.29 19:24
Thanks lurking.
We already have the higher toilets and removed shower doors & replaced with a curtain and many handrails for holding on. The shower also has built in seating.

So your tile is vinyl type?
Wonder what flooring is used in nursing homes....

I have to keep old bath towels wrapped around the bottom of the toilets because he almost always misses. I can wash these daily whereas rugs wear out too fast. I have tried to convince him to sit even to urinate but he either just won't or doesn't remember.

I've tried to get him to use depends but he resists. It's not that he's incontinent; he just cant get there in time. He does agree to these however if we travel to see his kids. Also if he has had loose BMs he'll agree to depends for a day or so also.

We have discovered it is much easier when we visit his kids or his brother if we get a handicap motel room rather than try to stay with them.

BTW, in case y'all don't know, vinegar in the wash (his clothes and the towel rugs) will remove urine odors better than anything else I've found.

LOL on the oiling the floors! They do come up with some strange ideas, don't they? :)
I use a floor steamer mop on the kitchen and bathrooms; they dry really fast.

He breaks a dish or glass now and then but not too often so we're ok with that for now.

By Elaine7 On 2017.05.30 08:41
I am glad that you asked this question and I appreciate the responses. My DH is in a Rehab facility right now and at this point they do not recommend that he return home. If he can come home later, I would need to do something about the floor covering, because I would need a lift. We have already done almost all that can be done to this house for handicap accessibility. The bathrooms are small, so I am not sure a lift would fit. So we may need to go to a commode, which he hates.

By pinki53 On 2017.05.30 11:58
Your mentioning a lift brings up "when".
When will I no longer be able to keep my DH at home? When will I rely on outside help part of the day or night or full time 24 hours?
When will I have to rely on a nursing home?
I know there are no answers. I'm grateful that he's still able to get up and around with my help.
Can I just say I'm scared of what is or may be to come?

By 839Ellen On 2017.05.30 12:19
Got my husband hospital style socks with grippers on bottom which he wears to walk on our oak floors. Bought them online.

By pinki53 On 2017.05.30 22:41
Ellen, We have a few from various hospital stays. I'll get more. Now if I can just get him to wear them :)

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