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By jsmitch On 2017.06.13 07:43

Six years ago Sue Wylie, British actress and writer was diagnosed with early onset Parkinson's. As we all know it was obviously a challenging time in her life. Sue did something unique when faced with the difficulties the disease brings -- she turned her experiences and story into a play which offers hope and inspiration -- along with real insight as to what it is like living with a chronic condition.

In 2016 the play toured across the South-West of England to great critical acclaim with the support of Arts Council funding. The one recurring comment made was that the play needed to be seen by a wider audience, with people from across the UK and US desperate to see it.

Sue's family launched a Kickstarter campaign to help raise the necessary finances to turn the play into a short film.

They have asked that we help in spreading awareness of her project through site's like ours.

Learn more @


By sara hatch On 2017.06.14 16:03
looked on that site but did not find anything regarding the play. What catagory should I use to find it when using the site.

By jsmitch On 2017.06.14 22:20
In the the video (when you first land on the page) "Kinetics, the Film: Where Parkinson's Meets Parkour" -- everything is explained.

If you would prefer reading vs watching a video, there is also this...

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