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By Lynnie2 On 2017.06.30 10:54
This past week my husband and I went on a trip to see our granddaughter graduate from Grade 8. She was the valedictorian along with another girl, so we had to try and make the trip.
We broke up the trip the first night and stayed in a motel and then booked 2 nights at our destination so he could get lots of rest before the ceremony.
He was really good and I am glad we made the trip.
Our granddaughter also got 2 awards so that was special to see too.
I drove the whole way back which took
7 hours including stopping at each service centre or having lunch or a snack. There was no rush and if I felt I couldn't drive the whole way I would have stopped for the night.
Of course I was tired the next day, but I'm glad to made the effort to go.

By jcoff012 On 2017.06.30 12:21
Outstanding! Congratulations on so many levels! Congratulations to your granddaughter, too!

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