For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By Kayla On 2017.07.03 16:31
I am a newcomer. Thank God for my daughter-in-law who put me in touch with this forum. My husband was diagnosed 4 yrs. ago. He has gotten progressively worse. All the things you have said apply. Falling, staring into space, no response or a response that is so low I cannot make out what he is saying. I feel terribly alone. I am with him 24/7 but I'm worn out. Picking him up off the floor or calling a neighbor for help. I remind him when he is getting into the car that he has to put his foot way inside or he can't get his body in. I really want to care for him myself but don't know how long I can do this. We are both 73. He is not on any medication, refuses it. Is very stubborn and furious that I won't let him drive. He's had one accident. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

By lurkingforacure On 2017.07.03 17:10
The best advice I could give you right now is to read the posts here, as they will provide you with a wealth of information. If a question you have is not answered within the last few months, search the forum and see if someone answered longer ago.

The staring, falling, not responding or being so quiet everything has to be repeated, feeling alone, and more, are all things all of us experience daily. You are not alone.

Come here often, vent, ask questions, and join our club that we'd rather not be a member of, but are because someone we love had the misfortune to get hit with PD.

By mylove On 2017.07.04 09:26
Just an observation, but if he is refusing all medication he is missing putting back a portion of the dopamine that will allow him to move, speak, and feel better. You might be surprised what adequately balanced meds can do. Does he understand he's sabotaging his chance to feel better than he does right now? The meds aren't perfect and he won't feel 100%, but being unmedicated is 1,000 times more miserable. Just my two cents.

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