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By Olympia On 2017.07.23 12:02
What products are the best for overnight... Depends?
Having leekage problems at night is there a better product?

By flowers12 On 2017.07.23 13:39
There is this company online that will let you sample several different types of underwear. Someone on this site told me about it a few years ago and I was surprised at the products they had available.
I've been using Depends Fit-Flex Maximum but lately at night they aren't working. I think I will put a Guards pad in the inside back of the depends at night until I find something for nights. I'm going to request from HDIS a sample of some other type for nighttime. You can call HDIS and tell them what you're looking for and they are really knowledgeable and helpful.

By Olympia On 2017.07.23 20:01
Oh... Thank you very much....good idea about the guards and adding them at night ... will call and get samples also....

By flowers12 On 2017.07.23 20:11
I should mention that the first time I ordered samples I didn't tell them I only wanted the pull up type. I got some of the ones that have the side tabs and I could never get them to fit on my hubby and didn't use them.

By Olympia On 2017.07.23 20:30
Good to know....

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