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By Daybyday On 2017.08.07 15:53
Just found out DH has to have extensive dental work done. Does anyone have suggestions for where to go to get discounted dental work? I think this may have happened because of all the saliva that sits in his mouth constantly. It was only about 1 yr that he didn't go and that was because he is embarrassed that his hand tremors while the hygienist works on his mouth. I can't believe it deteriorated so much! Has about 3 cavities and needs deep scaling on both sides. Thank you for any suggestions. P.s. Has decided to do the DBS surgery next month too. We are pretty nervous about it but it must be done because it probably will help him. It just goes on and on and on and on. Ugh.

By Trusting On 2017.08.14 00:02
You might try calling your senior services office in your area to see if they have advice for you. Also call other dental offices and ask if there is a dental school close by. I've also learned not to be afraid to come out and ask what certain services costs. I saved over $400 on a crown by calling around and the dentist I chose did a good job.

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