For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By flowers12 On 2017.08.19 23:20
I'm curious if anyone has had their PWP use this and have good results. Our son and daughter have asked me if we have tried using it and they feel there could be good results. I'm not sure I want to experiment with it although my hubby used to smoke it years ago. I'll ask our neurologist again next week what his thoughts are on it. Maybe there has been more research on it since last year that shows some good results. My hubby is taking Aricept for dementia as well as Sinemet for the PD.

By mylove On 2017.08.20 09:41
We are, and it came up in a post not too long ago where I had a longer answer (I'm only here for a second this morning or I'd tell you more at length). Run a search for it and I'll check back here later.

Short answer: yes. Working very well. NOT "devil weed". Lol

By flowers12 On 2017.08.24 14:26
We went to the neurologist yesterday and I discussed the use of marijuana for parkinsons. He said that there was no significant medical research done yet that would be a positive that it helped parkinsons or any other disease. I would guess it may help if there was a lack of appetite or sleeplessness. The fact that it could cause hallucinations is enough for me to be afraid to try it.

By mylove On 2017.08.25 08:55
We use it for sleeplessness, pain, anxiety, and stiffness. The side effects are dependent on strain (think of it as not just one discrete drug, but one that can be tailored to what you need).

Our experience is that many (especially older) doctors are unfamiliar with the use and so resistant to try. And they all seem to fall back on that same "it hasn't been proven to work for Parkinsons" study. But if you do some research, there are many, many folks who are finding that it works for them. I'm just glad that A) we had an mds that was willing to let us try and report back to her, and B) even if we hadn't, we live in a state where we could experiment for ourselves.

My husband uses a very low dose of mostly CBD (10 mg) in a lozenge, and gets good sleep and pain relief all night, which he wasn't getting with anything else. We were (and so was the doc) reluctant to try things like Ambien and harder drugs. This has been a godsend for the 'bad nights'. There's no smoking it, and he's had no hallucinations or any other unsavory side effects, because we worked with our dispensary to find the right strain with the least chance of side effects.

His comment after a couple of years of use is that today's cannabis is worlds away from the "pot" of his youth. There are infinite strains specifically bred for particular effects and conditions, and because it's an industry now and not something you're buying from a friend, you know exactly what you're getting. My personal prediction is that after a few more years and as more states fall on board, the medical studies will catch up so that this can be a recommended medication where appropriate. Today's problem is that because the laws have prevented a lot of studies, the very few that are currently out there are 'meh', and until the published studies catch up, the prescribing won't either.

Your mileage may vary. As with everything else, you have the choice to try or not! :) Best of luck to you in finding something that works to meet your needs, whether it's this or something else!

By mylove On 2017.08.25 09:00
Last thought - your situation might be dicey too because you already have a patient with some dementia, so there may be more risk. I can't say for myself that I wouldn't be tempted to try, because of the calming effects, but I don't know how that would play with his existing meds. Sounds like you have a good handle on things. All new drugs carry some risks, so we can only do what we can to find what works.

By flowers12 On 2017.08.25 11:49
Thank you MyLove for your response. There is always someone who benefits from a different type of drug or some concoction. I know someone who swears by certain herbs in a tea that does the trick for her pain and sleep. If it wasn't for my hubby having Dementia and the fear of hallucinations and delusions I would try it. I guess I could go to a dispensary and discuss the options. You're lucky you don't have to consider what would affect dementia.

By Busymom On 2017.08.25 17:11
We live in a state where it's legal, so a friend of ours took him a few days ago to get some tincture-thing, I'm not sure exactly what's in it other than CBD I think, plus other oils, etc, but the point of it was to make him be able to better tolerate a higher dose of sinemet (he is on a low dose because he can't tolerate much and his doc says he is very under-medicated)...more than one pill causes him dizziness, nausea, and all kinds of misery, so they got this tincture the other day. I'm not sure how much it's helping the medication tolerance, but I can say it hasn't made his dementia worse. They are pretty sure he has LBD, and I worried about how it would affect his mind, but the tincture made no change there, no difference in hallucinations, no worsening dementia, so I'm glad about that at least. Of course everyone is different but that's our experience at the moment.

By Olympia On 2017.08.25 23:39
We have been using CBD oil for a while now ...have had no side well when his tremors are out of control before it's time to take his Requip..also when he is not sleeping well....he takes it then.... hope that this helps....

By flowers12 On 2017.08.26 11:58
Is this CBD oil in a capsule?

By Busymom On 2017.08.28 13:09
Ours is liquid (the CBD oil plus some other oils like a little mint and citrus but they come in different formulas, some with different extracts than others), in a glass bottle with a small dropper, and I just squirt a dropperful under his tongue. No pills to swallow or anything to choke on.

By exhausted wife On 2017.08.28 16:36
My husband has used the pill form. His neurologist is not sure if it works, but if it does not, it is a great placebo.

By bksquared On 2017.08.28 18:44
Each of us is an unique individual who reacts differently to drugs, alcohol, caffeine, or tobacco. Therefore Marijuana will have a different reaction for each person. Our neurologist said to g8ve it a try. She finds oil with cbd and thc is a good starting point. Although my husband is drawn to gummy bears. Medical is not the pot of old you don't smoke it. Although certification and product purchase has a cost if you give it a try and it works great. If not, stop using it.

By bksquared On 2017.09.08 13:00
Have been using a CBD and a TCH tincture for 4 days. At his sundowner time (3:30 - 5:00pm) a few drops sublingual calm his fidgets, punding, and need to be in perpetual motion, although he can't move independently. Given at bedtime it has extended his sleeping time from 2 hour to 4 hour stretches. Downside to that is with incontinence the overnight CVS depends can not hold all that liquid so the bed gets wet sometimes. Put a pad under him, just swap a wet one out when needed. The extra sleep seems to benefit both of us. Although he says marijuana does not work. He asked for it around 8pm last night when he became anxious about his Dad in Florida.

By mylove On 2017.09.09 08:42
Similar results here. We use a blend in lozenge form, and find that sleep is better, deeper, with less awakenings. Also helps with anxiety and his sometimes intractable pain. We don't use it every night, but it's our go to "rescue" med. Less pain, more sleep = happier both of us.

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