For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By Burnsie33 On 2017.08.28 13:50

By LOHENGR1N On 2017.08.28 16:57
Burnsie, We are still there/here locked at times in a masked face stiff hard to move body. Making it hard to respond the way we used to. It becomes hard on caregivers and spouses because our body language lies. The nuances we once had a quick wink, sly smile are robbed by this disease. Sometimes when or if our medication is really working well for a fleeting moment we might wink or the wry smile appears but it is soon gone swallowed by the disease. Many times caregivers don't understand this it is very hard to deal with this aspect of the disease. We try to react as always but with the disease we cannot. Those without the disease are looking for the way we were and can themselves think we emotionally shut down or are self absorbed. Try not to take it personally, this masking face and subtle reactions different than those we had for years and years. At times one may not want a hug for example not because they are emotionally shut down but our tremor may be acting up and a hug would show that. One might not want you to worry they were worse. They may turn their head away not because they don't feel love but because they don't want to see the care and worry on your face. The path of this disease is a hard one to walk. It changes all the time. If we are delusional at times well, then we probably aren't understanding it at the time because that's what delusions are unable to tell real from delusions. Hope in my rambling I've helped a bit others here will chime in to help also. Again welcome to the forum

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