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By manitobamike On 2017.08.28 13:52
Hi. My brother has Parkinson's. He is in his 60's. It has become so bad. He can freeze for up to an hour or longer. I am trying to find any research that would suggest an "average" freezing episode should typically last. Thanks for your help.

By LOHENGR1N On 2017.08.28 16:27
Hey Mike welcome to the forum. That's one I don't think I have run across, average length of a freezing episode. I don't know if you could accurately measure it. Many tricks are used to unfreeze a patient, visual stimulant, noise, psychical (touch arm, shoulder, even dogs trained to place foot upon our foot). To measure length of episode you would need to control the whole environment, no street noise filtering in car horns, trucks, dogs barking, no sun catchers or light reflecting off anything. No radio or TV, nothing that could cause stimulus to brake the freeze. When We freeze most usually try to break the freeze and get us going as soon as they/we can. Interesting question though. Sorry I can't be of more help maybe someone here has information? Again weelcome to the forum.

By manitobamike On 2017.08.28 16:56
Thanks for the reply. Very informative.

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