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By LC On 2017.09.08 07:56
My husband is having a hard time getting in and out of bed. I think a recliner would be better for him. Can anyone recommend a recliner for someone with PD?

By mylove On 2017.09.08 10:12
We just went through this when our old couch was too difficult for my husband to get out of. We looked at power lift recliners, but he wasn't quite there yet and they were very spendy. We compromised on something like this: a power reclining loveseat.

This isn't the exact model, ours isn't leather and has no center console, but the combinations are endless. It reclines with a button push and goes nearly flat at full extension. It was comfortable enough for sleep, and yet comes upright enough that he could still get up easily. The key is that the seat doesn't sink towards the back in the upright position, if that makes sense. We tried out some in the showroom until we found what fit best. We had a good salesman who helped up once he understood what our needs were. I think it only ended up being around $600-700 for the unit, more than one person can use it at a time (each side reclines separately), and it doesn't look "medical".

Good luck!

By JoeVosters On 2017.09.21 12:52
Sleeping in a recliner long term is terrible for a back and increases the risk of bedsores. There are products available that allow great mobility in the bed area with your existing bed.

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