For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By lurkingforacure On 2017.09.26 11:43
Anyone ever heard of this? My husband woke up yesterday morning unable to hold his wrist up, grip anything with that hand, or extend his fingers. His wrist just dangled there, like it was broken, but he had no pain. And he could move his shoulder and elbow just fine, and push and pull against me using them-it was just his wrist that was affected.

Scariest thing yet. At first I thought he'd had a stroke but he was moving and talking like he usually does. I called the doctor and left a rather hysterical message, and was sure we were headed to the ER, so got him showered and dressed. Thankfully no ER, the doctor worked us in, and after seeing him, said my husband has something called radial nerve palsy. This happens when the radial nerve that runs under the armpit is compressed for a period of time, usually when you sleep on that side. It will take about three months to heal, assuming he doesn't compress it again by sleeping on that side.

Whew! In all the years of voluminous reading about PD, I have never read about this or even heard of it. I'm so thankful it will heal, but have no idea how we keep my husband from compressing that nerve again for the next three or more months. I was thinking of getting a pillow and securing to his left side under the armpit with a gait belt at night, to keep him from rolling onto that side, but the doctor wasn't too sure that would work....but he didn't have any suggestions for us, either.

So, has anyone dealt with this before? I'm so thankful it can heal, and that it was his non-dominant side. But it makes everything much harder, since he can't really count on that hand to help him if he reaches out to stabilize himself, or hold onto something.

Thanks for any input or experience.

By VioletV On 2017.09.26 14:50
This would be worth a visit from an OT. This kind of thing is just what they address.

Good luck!

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