For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By Sandwiched On 2017.10.05 00:43
So my dad has had PD for several years and my mom has been his primary caregiver. Just over a week ago my mom suffered a stroke and as a consequence ended up falling down 16 wooden stairs. Honestly this has always been her worst nightmare!

I've been dealing with getting and advocating for care for my mom (another story altogether) and we are fortunate that we were able to get her into an inpatient stroke rehabilitation facility. In the meantime we've been figuring out how to take care of dad. They are both 78.

Dad is pretty self sufficient but the more I've been caring for him, the more my eyes are opened. He doesn't complain a lot because he's afraid of being shipped off to a nursing home.

I'm trying to balance my parents' needs with my own family and job; and I'm exhausted.....

They do havr some longtern care ins. available, so I'm going to try to get some help in to be available for whem he needs getting pants up/down for bathroom, etc.

I was also looking at automated pill dispensers but he takes 9 doses of Levadopa-Carbadopa per day plus breakfast lunch dinner snd bedtime pills and I can't find anything that looks like it will work.....

By lurkingforacure On 2017.10.05 16:14
You need to get some help, if they have long term care insurance, use it! This is exactly the type of situation it is for.

Don't wait until you get injured or have a health issue yourself-you cannot help anyone if that were to happen.

Start calling agencies today, and ask friends and neighbors to commit to checking in with your dad on a regular schedule if possible. The sooner you get some help, the sooner you can reduce the tremendous stress you are under.

Keep us posted and ask any questions you may have, there is a wealth of information here:)

By aleccymru On 2017.10.06 01:37
I would concur that you need to initiate the Long Term Care insurance as soon as possible, since there are a some preliminaries.

The first is usually an assessment by a local health professional hired by the Insurer, to establish that certain activities of daily living need help.This is pretty straightforward, but needs to be scheduled.

Read the terms of the contract carefully, since this is usually followed by a Qualification period during which you must pay the costs of (say) a Home Help Aide. In our case this was 120 days (some are 90) but there was a vital caveat that any week in which there was paid activity for at least 1 day counted as a full week. This meant that during qualification we only paid for 2 hours on 2 days a week, then we were able to go to a fully funded 3 hours on 3 days (it could even be 7 days) after qualification. This has been a godsend.

Sorry to be so detailed, and plans vary, but I wanted to illustrate the kind of issue you need to look out for. Best of luck looking after your folk.

By Sandwiched On 2017.10.07 22:32
Just wanted to say thanks for the encouragement. I met with an agency yesterday and hopefully they will have some help for ke next week. Fortunately, my dad had already been qualified (my mom had some help briefly about a year ago)so thankfully the waiting period has already been met. While he qualifies for 24/7 the policy limit will cover 7 hours. I'm now thinking that having someone from 11-2 and then maybe 5-9?
One of the things that is upsetting is that he isn't wearing depends and is having accidents. My mom thinks this is because they are more difficult for him to pull up/down. His solution is to turn a fan on near him that eventually dries his pants. I find this horrifying to be honest but tonight when I mentioned changing his pants his thought was that he would probably pee in the this twisted Parkinson's thinking? I feel in an awkward position and don't want to embarrass my dad but I'm just not sure how to address some of these issues. When he goes to the bathroom and is sitting on the toilet I've been able to change his pants for him but then I'm not there all the time.

By aleccymru On 2017.10.09 04:26
You really didn't need my advice, as you have excellent LTC insurance. Still, I meant well and it may help someone else.

On the Depend issue, if a (Male?) aide can help with the putting on several times, it may turn into a normal routine.

By junipersage On 2017.10.09 08:08
Thank you so much for your post, aleccymru. We have long term care insurance but have not accessed it yet, and the information you provided is extremely helpful.

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