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By VioletV On 2017.10.10 17:44
Hello all,
I know that at least Jane, from this group, lives in northern CA. Jane are you safe? Did your house survive? I am so thankful that my daughter, son in law and grandchildren were evacuated, and that their Santa Rosa house was spared.

Thinking of anyone here (or anywhere) who faced this horror.


By mylove On 2017.10.11 21:21
I just checked Janes Facebook. They're safe, but have been in a place with no internet service. I'm sure she will check in here soon!

By jcoff012 On 2017.10.11 23:28
Thank you for caring. It has been, and still is, terrible here. Our daughter and Nigel, 8, were evacuated at 2AM Monday morning, but Michelle is right...the fires took down 77 cell towers and all Comcast services, which is Internet, tv, and landline. We only found out about ten AM when we drove out of town to find a signal! It wasn't til this morning (Wednesday) that we had full access! We have fires to the south in Santa Rosa, North above Ukiah (20 miles), and the Geyserville area is 9.8 miles to the East and is just now under mandatory evacuation. We are trying to stay in our home, but are packed and ready to go...we have been sleeping downstairs on couches because we have 3 escape routes instead of being trapped upstairs. Amy and Nigel lost their first home; that neighborhood is gone! My cardiologist's office is gone, as is the entire complex for my retinologist. The air is awful and I was told to stay inside.

We are, so far, the lucky ones in all of this. We are all watching to be ready to evacuate. Hard to imagine how horrific this is.

By jcoff012 On 2017.10.19 18:21
Update October 19

We did not have to evacuate and now most of the major fires are 85-90 percent contained. I went to my Wellness Class yesterday and have a rescheduled appointment with my retinologist tomorrow morning (everything to the left of her offices was destroyed, but they are fine), and I have a cardiologist appointment on Monday which was rescheduled because the heat and gas were turned off in his complex. Earlier reports were that both of these doctors' complexes were destroyed.

So, things are beginning to return to our new normal. You can not even imagine the sight of such devastation...a great deal can be seen along the main highway 101. This was an extremely stressful time, but we managed. It helped to have meds to take, because it kept us on a schedule.

We are all grateful for all of us being well. Our oldest daughter's friend lost her husband, 40, in one of the fires, but no one else we know. The receptionist at the retinologist's office said several doctors lost everything. The National Guard is standing vigilant a block away and we have to drive into Santa Rosa, then backtrack to her office, which will add another 20 minutes to an already hour long drive...but, I am just glad she is open and available.

Bless everyone who went through this ordeal. Bless the First Responders, National Guard, out of state firemen, and on and on...They are saying it will be years before there is truly normalcy again.

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