For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By VioletV On 2017.10.19 22:48
Just letting all of you know that I had a total hip replacement today! It was long planned and presages a more comfortable day-to-day life.I am amazed at how comfortable I am, and how easily I stood to transfer from gurney to bed.

Kind of off topic, I know, but I feel such a connection with this community that I wanted to share.

My husband, who is in this 5th week at the A/L facility, struggled to not make this all about him—basically would first say of version of “what about me?” And then, hearing himself, he’d say “but this should be about you.” I know that it is hard for him to experience my hopeful prognosis, when there is nothing to relieve the progression of memory loss, physical inability etc. that advanced PD has caused him.

This would have been so very much harder with him at home.


By lurkingforacure On 2017.10.20 11:14
So glad to hear you are doing well! In no time you'll be sprinting about, pain-free:) Wishing you a speedy recovery, lfac

By makrivah On 2017.10.20 18:00
Violet, heal quickly! I too had a THR in 2012. my only suggestion is to do all your exercises as directed...don't skip any. I'm sure your doctor gave you helpful advice, but in case he/she didn't: When maneuvering steps, up with the good, and down with the bad.
Keep smiling!

By Checkmate On 2017.10.21 00:23
Congrats Violet . Wishing you a speady recovery. My PWP had a hip replacement two years ago and the transformation was remarkable!

By bksquared On 2017.10.21 20:23
First rule of caregiving - take care of yourself. Glad all went well and hope your recovery is quick and painless. Placing in AL was a good move, your surgery would not been easy on either of you. Now you can concentrate on healing knowing he is in good care.

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