For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By hotlyn On 2017.10.21 06:56
Hi, I don't post much but read everything . Just wanted to talk/vent nicely to those who understand. My PWP hubby dx69 n70 and I n66 are on a 14 day tour holiday in Vietnam and Cambodia with 28 other people ( strangers ) from around Australia. Tony had always wanted to come here so I thought as his memory is getting worse every day we had better do it now rather than later. I'm glad I did . The Vietnamese and Cambodian people are lovely . The tour is pretty good but full on , 12 hour days , sleep , up and at them the next day 7 am and the hotels are great . Today we have had stay at hotel afternoon , had massage , drinks round the pool and now at 5.30 pm he is asleep for an hour or so as I want to go into town Hanoi later as there is a big festival ,lots of brightly lit lanterns tonite . BUT as is par for the course with PD there are the other issues to content with . I'm beyond exhausted. I have to get him everywhere, make sure he is with me everywhere, explain over and over what we are doing, why , how, and where. The other people on this trip have twigged there is something not quite right with him and so after 5 days are giving us a wide berth . No help , no support, no interest . I keep telling myself they are on holidays and keeping an eye on him etc is not what they signed up for , but it's getting a bit lonely when I overhear them organising to go for drinks at the end of the day but we are not included. Thank god Tony hasn't picked up on it . 2 years ago we went to Singapore ( another on his bucket list ) . Then he was able to convert the currency in his head. Now he struggles every day to do it on his iPhone. Sometimes he can , other times he gives up . So picture if you will ... The slightly dazed overweight ( Vietnamese massue said "Buddha" heading into older age PWP and the middle aged overweight woman who is cranky because I'm taking a 12 year old in a mans body around , I'm dripping in perspiration as the humidity is 98% , so sweat poring down my very red face . It's not a pretty sight let me tell you . 😀 I'm sorry if this comes across as a big whinge , I just don't have anyone else to tell . But on a positive note he is happy and glad we came ..... Me ?? Never ever again . !!!

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