For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By jcoff012 On 2017.10.26 11:44
Last night, Carl and I went to dinner with the family across the street. It was fun and we laughed and had a good time. Although the husband is not my favorite person (he is the extreme opposite of my Carl...he is brash, loud, and rather condescending to women (to his wife, but NOT to me after I went toe to toe and he backed down) LOLOL

BUT, when Carl got up to pay the bill (our turn), the husband reached across the table and said, "We decided to let you know you can count on us. I know you think that you might be alone, but you won't be. Just holler if you need us. We will be keeping an eye on you both. Remember, Parkinson's IS his disease, but YOU are important, too." Then, his wife said, "I know it is hard for you to watch him work so hard in the yard, but I am proud of him for not giving in. He is trying to make an oasis for you both. Think of how much you are going to enjoy the pool, the fireplace, and just being in his creation. You are lucky he is such a great man and husband." I actually cried in the middle of the restaurant!

So, if anyone new to the board reads some of the posts and finds them too negative or sad, remember this post. There ARE good people out there. Do your best, but know that a great many will help you or listen to you or offer just have to ask.

I guess, to me, it becomes a matter of priorities. My PWP is my priority. I will go on, he won't. So, as long as he can go on, I value our time together. If that means he has really bad days, flares up, spends WAY too much money on his "projects", or whatever he needs to do or have to keep his mind and body active, then so be it. It is very hard to watch the man I married over fifty years ago fade away, but PD can never take away his soul and his goodness. It IS in there, just is sometimes hard to find! ;)

Keep trying. Keep loving. Find your happiness in the little things. Not every day is good, but not every day is bad. Some days are spectacular because your PWP is still here. Ask anyone who no longer has their PWP, they will tell you...keep fighting for him or her. It is so worth it! Love to you all, Jane

By sara hatch On 2017.11.01 15:49
Hi Jane,
I agree that it's a very good thing to count our blessings and I do every single day. I live in gratitude that we have every single thing we need: home, food, friends, good doctors, family and faith. Also I am grateful that I have my husband even though he is pretty disabled. No longer drives, or does anything to help but fold the laundry. All else is on my shoulders. he is getting harder to talk to because of his cognition problems, hearing loss and lack of interest. I try to make his life as comfortable as possible while at the same time keep as positive an attitude as I can.

By jcoff012 On 2017.11.02 15:34
Sara, right now my husband is outside “helping” the landscaper with the placement of 12 TONS of boulders! When I saw him pick up a shovel, I had to come back into the house—I try NOT to tell him not to do something! As a PWP for over nine years, I keep expecting him to suddenly get worse, but he remains active. Is he slowing down? Yep. His tremors are worsening, he leans to the side, and he is having anger issues. BUT, he still tries to do as much as he can, stays active mentally and physically, and exercises daily. He watched his Mom deteriorate and is determined to fight this. We know it is a losing battle and PD will win, but until it does, we keep on “keepin’ on”! Hugs to you and anyone else on this journey.

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