For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By tobehappy On 2017.11.15 17:15
My DH has been diagnosed almost 8 years ago. We have two kids, 11 and 13. I work full time. We live really far from family. I feel so alone, drowning in work, PD and child rearing.
He seems to have given up on being a dad and spouse. He has a hobby which takes up his whole time. I have grown to be resentful of the hobby. He is not very present with the kids or daily stuff. Anything that needs done, even calling a plumber, I need to do. He will not lift a finger. I am exhausted and I am resentful. He is a very smart man and used to travel all around the world for his work, was considered an expert in his subject.
Help! I do not want to feel resentful. I want him to be more engaged. He just quit therapy and said it was not for him.

By LOHENGR1N On 2017.11.17 08:59
Hi, welcome to the forum, as you can see not many visit this board, if you use the main board it may get more response. I'd suggest going to a web site on grieving and printing out a steps to or stages of grieving. Keep it handy as we all keep repeating steps as the disease progresses. Sorry this is brief I'll be back later. Again welcome to the forum.

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