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By Olympia On 2017.11.25 23:30
How do we help keep Parkinson's from taking away there husband has started wisperin lately... I have told him that I can't hear him.. but he just continues to wisper.
I have asked him to do ...a,e,I,o,u,. To try and get some volume?

By LOHENGR1N On 2017.11.26 00:20
Olympia, This is another frustrating symptom of progression of P.D. there is a program Lee Silverman large and loud or big and loud that may work for a couple of years. The reason I say a couple of years is we had a technician from an area hospital who used to do the program. She stated that 2 or 3 years was usually the max benefit from the program then the gains were lost. She also said it was kind of expensive.
I found it interesting that around the same time this program was being experimented with and formed there was a study being done with the effect of therapy dogs and a group of patients I believe in PA. but don't quote me on that I don't recall the specific state. The patients were confined to wheelchairs and voices whispers almost unable to even get much of a whisper out. However the dogs could hear them and came to the patients when whispered at. After a few visits they introduced tennis balls the patients could only drop the balls for the dogs to retrieve but in time a month maybe patients movement improved to where most could toss the ball down the hall and the dogs retrieved them. The patients were meeting the dogs twice a week by then and were looking forward to their interaction sessions improving their outlook, moods and movements. Then large and loud came on the market and the dog program quickly vanished.
I don't think there is much out there to deal with the volume of voice.

By flowers12 On 2017.11.26 11:54
My hubby went to speech therapy, physical therapy and occupational therapy for a couple of years. His Neurologist had it approved thru medicare so we didn't have to pay for it. It was twice a week for the 4 - 6 months that was the medicare maximum each year. The speech therapy really worked for him. We did the voice exercises at home and we still do them often. I would look into it. It's not a quick fix but you will see an improvement over time. Unfortunately my hubby doesn't hardly talk anymore due to his dementia.

By jcoff012 On 2017.11.26 12:01
My husbandís neuro approved the Big and Loud Program, so Medicare approved it and we didnít pay a cent. It was offered through a physical therapist in a city 25 miles from here and lasted over 8 weeks, three times a week. He enjoyed it and I would recommend you give it a try. Ask your doctor for a recommendation.

By Heloise17 On 2017.11.30 20:32
This is a huge one for me and us. My husband has had Parkinsons for many years and in the past 3/4 years he speech has become more and more slurred and often very quiet. It has gotten to the point where I only rarely understand what he is saying, and he talks a lot. On top of that my hearing has gotten worse, though I do understand most of what friends and family say. I got hearing aids, but that only made my husband's mumbling louder, not clearer. He blames the problem totally on me, saying, Everyone else can understand him (not true), I'm not trying at all, and that he has ALWAYS spoken like this so why should he change. Earlier this year, we went to a four week, four sessions per week LOUD program which was quite a haul since we live and an island and had to go to a nearby city and stay in hotels. The results were nada, that is absolutely no improvement what-so-ever after all that effort. He alternately says that speaking like that would be too much effort and/or that we didn't complete the program (we did) This our biggest problem since he is very talkative and I either ignore him or say "I don't understand what you are saying" dozens of times per day. I do have the feeling that we waited too long to start the program because I don't think that he was able to cognitively understand what was asked of him. So for LVST LOUD, please go earlier rather than later.

By 839Ellen On 2017.12.01 20:01
I am about to get hearing aids also because I have so much trouble hearing and/or understanding my husband. I have just started noticing that he seems to be slurring his words sometimes. We should probably try the LOUD program soon.

By Heloise17 On 2017.12.01 20:48
Yes, we certainly should have gone to LSVT LOUD a couple of years ago, before my husband's speech and ability changed for the worse. I also think there is also quite a bit of anger directed at me now for the situation we are in. Better to go sooner rather than later for sure.
I cannot describe how hard it is to go through each day not understanding what your husband/wife is saying. It not only impacts day-to-day conversation, it also can impact emergencies and what the person needs. Today we were doing a foot bath before our person comes to do his I added the water he was mumbling away in an agitated manor and I had NO IDEA whether the water was too hot, too much, or something else. NO IDEA! It is terribly wearing to not understand a single word.

By bksquared On 2017.12.02 21:50
Having done the Big and Loud several years ago as the disease progressed so did benefit from the program. Later on, my husband went to speech therapy for volume and swallowing. Therapy helped a bit. However when his volume became too low the therapist recommended Spokeman Voice Amplifier ($145) that is not covered by insurance. He also received a hi-gain headband microphone ($85). It helped me to hear and understand him better. The downside was with his Parkinson's dementia he kept taking the mic off to figure out how it worked so it separated into two pieces. I had to keep putting the mic and headband back together. Unfortunately, the solution was to have him use it when under supervision. It not helped in the house, but at doctor's, restaurants, and with friends. He was always angry that I could not understand, or hear him so it was a good solution in limited situations.

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